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City Mugs for NOLA?

Hi all!
I have a somewhat unusual request for anyone in the New Orleans area.

As a late Spring/Fall retail item, Starbucks offered City Mugs for major metropolitan areas. I actually work at a Starbucks near Washington, DC. I'm hoping there's somebody in the area who is a regular, or in an even longer shot, is a fellow partner.

I have two DC mugs and am DESPERATELY seeking a new or very gently used NOLA mug. I can trade a DC mug or any other item that I can lay my hands on, or cash.
Holiday items will be appearing soon! I will be able to pick up anything you may desire as soon as it’s out, with no risk of it being out of stock in your local Starbucks.

If there is anyone who’s interested, please contact me and let me know ASAP- I am hoping I could do this as a Christmas present for a West Bank/NOLA expat in my family. My email is horseygurll88 AT mac DOT com, or you can contact me here on LJ.
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