horrorworld (horrorworld) wrote in bearistas,

Halloween 2007 Bears


Does anyone know if there will be a Halloween Bear this year?  Since they took down the StarbucksCollectibles.com I don't get any information on what new bears are coming out.  

Don't let my LJ name scare you -- I'm a huge bearista bear fan along side being a horror fan ;)

My bears live a very good life and I have over 30 of them!
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hi there,
i found your livejournal while googling for starbucks bearista. There's Halloween bear in singapore!
(auction item not mine, but take a look at the photo)
Magnet and large bear was sold here.

They were selling the cat with pumpkin as well. Unfortunately the last I checked, its already sold out.

I sent a query on www.starbucks.com about the collectibles site being down. Got a reply from their customer service that they dont have plans to launch it at the moment :(

I have about 6-8 magnet bearistas. Not collecting the bigger bears as they are a bit costly for me and I dont have much space to display them.

Jean Tan
Forgot to mention that the cat is a full black cat-bearista with no other design holding a pumpkin. -Jean
hi again, sorry for the multiple post. here's another link
- Jean
Thanks for the links Jean. I actually have all of the Halloween Bears to date. I didn't want to miss out on this one.
Here in Germany, there are two different Halloween-Bearistas this year.
One cat (probably the same described by the others) and one bat which has a black costume with purple batwings, a purble belly and inside the ears it's purpe, too. Both are about twelve inches tall or 3 inches with a magnet in their backs.
I goth the big bat bearista and there it sais that he is the 65th Edition of the Collection.
Bye Söpö
Found a link to the bat:
Thanks for the link. It looks like it's not available yet. My local Starbucks, I think, is getting sick of me going in every day and asking "are they here yet?" ;)