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New Local Bears

I'm not sure if this community is active anymore since the last posts are from a couple of months ago, but I thought I would try.

With the new local bears being in so many cities (12 that I know of so far), I'm curious if anyone would be interested in trading.  I've got easy access to both the San Francisco and the Washington, DC bears.  I've been collecting the Bearistas for a couple of years and I would love to add as many of these new ones to my collection as possible.

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I too have been collecting for a few years and have access to the New York bears. I would like to trade with you. contact me at my e-mail address.


June 4 2007, 03:40:33 UTC 10 years ago

I would Love that I just saw one this last week in seattle and I bought 2 I am hooked I live in Pa so I can probably get my niece who lives in dc to get me one but I would gladly swap you seattle for san fran thanks Jody my # is 570-444-8600 you can check out my feedback on ebay under pacey123777 so you can see that i am a very honest person thans!!!!!!I will also definately think of you when I travel if this works out and you can just pay me back!!