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Halloween 2007 Bearista

Hi all!

I just joined this community as I just got my very first Bearista today! It was a present from my mum who mistook it for "some kind of weird-looking but cute cat" (we tend to collect cat items in the family)... Turns out it's really a Halloween, "trick-or-treat" bear dressing up as a black cat! Needless to say it looks adorable, with its ears sticking out of its kitty costume and its pumpkin-shaped basket. I especially like the fact that it's actually a full bear in a cat costume... and that you can lower the hood! :)
Here are some pictures:

I had no idea there was a whole collection of Starbucks Bearistas out there... From now on I'm going to keep my eyes peeled whenever I enter a Starbucks! :) The Year of the Rat edition looks awesome! Does anyone know whether it's being commercialized in Europe?
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