Taarna (yehovahyireh) wrote in bearistas,

Lovey, Cuddly, Bearista!

Hey everyone! Just joined! I lovelovelove the Bearista Bears! I started collecting them in '03. I was wanting to see if I could get some of the older ones, you know, to complete my collection. Does anyone have any ideas on the best way to go about doing that? All of the websites I've found are so unbelievably out of date (like 5 years or so) and I've read that sometimes, if you buy on Ebay, you can get an imposter Bearista. While those are cute, it would be disappointing to find out that I hadn't gotten the real deal, y'know?

So, anyway. Just wanted to introduce myself. I had no idea that collecting these bears was so popular. :) I'm so excited that I stumbled on this group!
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